How to apply

Families interested in applying to The Sultan’s School are required to complete and submit the application form, along with all the supporting documentation listed in the application form, to the Admissions Office. Incomplete applications will not be accepted or processed.

Applicants living abroad are required to obtain an attestation from Ministry of Education confirming the year group they will be applying for. This document must be presented to the Admissions Office before the application process can begin.

Entrance Testing

Once the Admissions Office has acknowledged the receipt of the application, the applicant will be assigned a date to sit the entrance test in both English and Arabic (for nationals), or English (for non-nationals).

The entrance test is an important step in the admissions process as the School needs to ensure that the applicant can meet both the academic, cognitive, and social expectations which are expected of students who are part of The Sultan’s School.

Prior to the entrance test being administered a non-refundable fee of 30.00 OMR needs to be paid to the Finance Office. The test will not be conducted until this fee is paid.

Test Results

Once the test results have been processed, the applicant will receive, by email, either:

  1. a) a confirmed offer to start at the school on a date to be determined by the school;
  2. b) a provisional offer that will be based on availability. Should this happen, the student will be placed on the waiting list and the school will contact the family as soon as a place becomes available.
  3. c) a rejection letter because the student did not reach the standard required.

Should an offer be made, an Admissions Fee of 300.00 OMR needs be made by the parent in order to secure the placement, in addition to Term One Fee. This has to be paid to the Finance Office by the date specified in the offer letter.

Applicants who are not successful with their application, and would like to reapply may do so the following academic year, but will be required to submit a new application form along with the supporting documents requested in the Application Form.

Please note that a Waiting List Offer is only valid till the end of the first academic term of the following academic year.

Age and Year Group:

The Sultan’s School’s Age Group Chart correlates the student’s age and the appropriate year group the student should apply for. The chart is based on the regulations issued by the Ministry of Education.

According to the Ministry of Education;

  • all applicants to KG2 (SY2019-20) must have completed 4 years and 2 months by September 1st
  • Applicants who apply to Primary or Secondary cannot skip a year group when applying to The Sultan’s School.

Click here for this year’s Year Group Chart.