Extra – Curricular activities (ECAs) are an important aspect of The Sultan’s School life for all students from Years 3-13. They enhance the experiences of the pupils and afford them the opportunity to take part in an ever increasing number of activities. They also provide an excellent medium to foster good relationships between teachers and students.

Many of the activities offered support a healthy lifestyle, which has become increasingly important to the well-being of our students. In this regard the school offers many sporting activities and is also a founding member of the Muscat Sports League at Primary and Secondary levels. A significant number of our students are involved in this programme of inter-school competition. In addition academic, artistic, creative, musical and voluntary based activities are available. Within the Secondary School, students can attempt Bronze, Silver and Gold International Award programmes, as well as CAS based projects and revision or booster classes within a number of IGCSE and IB. subjects.

In all instances, staff give voluntarily of their time and it is thanks to them that the students are offered such a rich and varied programme of activities.

At The Sultan’s School we aim to give students opportunities to:

  • Participate in a variety of clubs.
  • Safely enjoy well organised clubs.
  • Be involved in competitive activities, which take place in a friendly and sporting atmosphere.
  • Make an active contribution to the school through their participation.
  • Develop and extend their skills.

Implementation of the E.C.A. Programme

Primary School 

The ECA programme operates during the first two terms of the academic year although some sporting activities will continue into Term three.

Secondary School

The ECA programme in the secondary school will only operate during the first two terms of the academic year. This is to allow students the time to prepare for end of year exams. However, some activities will continue, including sports teams and additional revision classes organised by individual subject teachers or faculties.