Message from Head of Secondary

Welcome to Secondary!

The Secondary School is divided into three different sections:

  • The Middle School Programme; Years 7, 8 & 9
  • The IGCSE Programme; Years 10 & 11
  • The IB Programme; Years 12 & 13

There are four Home Room groups in each Year, giving a maximum of 96 students in each Year Group.  The Secondary School has over 60 subject specialist teachers which gives a student to teacher ratio of approximately 9:1.  This low ratio means that our teachers can ensure that all students can have the attention that they need to fulfil their potential.

The Secondary School Curriculum is a bi-lingual (Arabic-English) programme that is a continuation from Primary School and progresses all the way through to the IB Diploma and Ministry of Education Examinations that are taken at the end of Year 13. Following the School’s and IB’s Mission Statements ensures that our students are well prepared for life beyond The Sultan’s School.  Our students are very successful at obtaining places in top tier universities around the world and have an equal success rate at obtaining scholarships. We are proud of our students and alumni.

The journey through Secondary does not just concentrate on academics as we believe in an holistic approach to education.  We offer a fantastic extra-curricular and sports programme which culminates with an exciting CAS Programme.

I, like Dr Canterford, am confident that you will find everything that you need to know about The Sultan’s School within this website but if you want to know more or experience it firsthand please feel free to contact me.

Hopefully, see you soon.


Head of Secondary