Scholarship Programme


The boarders at The Sultan’s School are all boys, the majority of whom are on scholarships, supported through a programme initiated by His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said in 1980.  Since then many students have joined the scholarship programme, the majority then going on to take first and further degrees in Oman and beyond.

Following the success of the royal scholarship programme, Petroleum Development Oman, (PDO) established a similar scheme in 1989 and further expanded it in 2014. Graduates from both programmes have excelled in many fields, such as medicine, economics, engineering and business administration, as well as the armed services and the police force.

Candidates for the scholarship programmes are students who are currently in Grade Five in their schools and are chosen from different areas of the Sultanate.  They sit competitive examinations held at The Sultan’s School and nine boys are then selected as scholars.

The Sultan’s School has pledged to maintain the highest standards for the scholarship programme. The students are grateful for the confidence that His Majesty has granted them, and they vow to be worthy of His Majesty’s confidence.


The boys boarding at The Sultan’s School stay in twin-share and single room accommodation. They enjoy the benefits of residential life on campus. At the conclusion of the regular the regular academic and co-curricular programme, boarders can take advantage of the close proximity to school and community facilities for sport and other activities in the late afternoons and some weekends. Homework and study takes place each evening. While resident on campus, the boys are assisted to maintain their prayer schedule, attending the school Mosque together for Fajr and Maghrib and at other times when possible.