Careers & University

The careers office at The Sultan's School is a major source of guidance with numerous services that are designed to serve the needs of the students when they negotiate the confusing tangle of the university application process.

This includes engaging students in degree search, entry requirements, university facilities and methods of application. In addition to the wealth of guidance about the higher education, the careers counsellor also helps students with all matters concerning scholarships by the Ministry of Higher Education and a variety of financial awards by international Universities and local organisations.

Counselling students about universities begins when they approach the end of year 9 studies. This includes offering full guidance and academic consultation sessions with the students and parents to facilitate the selection of IGCSE subjects. The same is offered for students in the final stages of their IGCSE course as they prepare for enrolment in the IB Diploma programme.

There is a wide range of responsibilities carried out by the careers counsellor to help students achieving their academic and professional aims.  Some of the benefits that contribute to scaling down the pressure on students, by helping them concentrate on their academic subjects, are gained through offering a  critical support in the following areas:

  • Organisation of careers fairs and individual presentations by university admission officers
  • Searching academic degrees and universities
  • Arrangement of work experience placements
  • Matching interests, abilities and potential with future aspirations
  • Completing and submitting applications
  • Providing recommendation letters
  • Checking personal statements and university essays
  • Submitting predicted grades to the universities
  • Submitting official Transcripts
  • Registration for SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, LNT, UKCAT and BMAT tests
  • Monitoring and follow-up the progress of university applications
  • Coaching students for university interviews
  • Responding to admission offers
  • Assisting with registration and application for scholarships
  • Information about summer schools

We are proud to employ our assets of experience in networking with a wide range of higher education institutes worldwide to help our graduates achieving their careers aims. We are also proud of achieving a 100% admission in the higher education and an average of 72% scholarships for the past few years. For instance, 60 graduates have applied for scholarships last year and 44 of them have secured funding for their university studies (29 external scholarships within universities outside Oman and 15 internal scholarships in local higher education  institutes).