Snacks & Lunches

School lunch is compulsory for all KG to Year 13 students. The school cafeteria offers a three course lunch menu every day, comprising of soup, a choice of at least two cooked main course options and a choice of dessert. This is accompanied daily by a range of salads, homemade bread and fresh fruit.

We ensure meals are well balanced and nutritious and consist of foods that fit into a ‘healthy eating policy’.  Eating together is a social occasion and we consider it to be an important part of the learning experience at The Sultan’s School.

In line with our Healthy Eating Policy students may not bring crisps, sweets, cakes or fizzy drinks to school; fresh fruit and water are permitted.

Lunch Menu

Week 1


Day  Salads Soup Vegetable option Main course Dessert


Hummus Barley soup Marrow in tomato sauce Mushakik with rice Trifle
Monday salad bar Peas with turmeric Vegetable curry Chicken tikka masala with rice Fresh fruit


 Tuesday Green salad with Vinaigrette Cream of mushroom Vegetable stew and rice Fry  fish with  tartar sauce, French fries Donut with icing sugar
Wednesday Salad bar Hares vegetable soup Chickpeas in tomato sauce Meat Kabouli Halwa


Greek salad Minestrone soup Pane pasta  tomato sauce, Rice, okra with tomato sauce Pane pasta with Tomato sauce in chicken, jacket potato and types of stuffing. (chicken & tuna)

Chocolate ice cream

Week 2

 Sunday Cabbage salad Chicken alphabet   soup Veg  burger, baked beans Beef burger, potato wedges. brownies
Monday Salad bar Sweet corn soup Vegetable  noodles, sweet and sour sauce Chicken noodles Fresh fruit
Tuesday Fattoush salad Lentil soup Pane pasta tomato sauce, white sauce, Arabic bread. Pane  pasta with meat sauce, wrap sandwich, garlic bread Slice chocolate cake
Wednesday Salad bar tomato soup Lentil,

vegetable pastries

Mutton curry, white Pulao. Fresh fruit


Thursday Bean salad Fresh vegetable  soup Jacket potato,    veg curry. Garlic  chicken with color rice Mango ice cream

Week 3

            Sunday Salad bar


Omani hares with vegetable   soup Lentil and vegetable  casserole Mutton Kabab, tomato rice Trifle

Oriental salad

Cream of tomato Vegetable  pizza, French fries Hot Chicken wings Fresh fruit
          Tuesday Salad bar Cream of corn soup White rice, mash potato, dhal. Beef stew, Fresh fruit
    Wednesday Salad bar


Chicken noodle soup Fried rice, stir fried vegetable. Crispy chicken boneless with sweet and sour sauce Vanilla cup cake
         Thursday Greek  salad Tomato and veg soup Vegetable  lasagna Chicken macaroni

pasta in white sauce

Vanilla ice cream


Week 4

 Sunday Hummus Lentil with pasta  soup Veg skewers, lemon rice Chicken skewers. Zaatar


Chocolate mousse
Monday Salad bar Vegetable   soup Vegetable korma, white rice, Raita Chicken Biryani Fresh fruit
  Tuesday Tabouli  salad Chick peas and rosemary  soup White rice, boiled green peas. Chicken veg with tomato sauce, cheesy garlic bread Strawberry ice cream
 Wednesday Salad bar Carrot and coriander soup Shepherdess pie, steamed broccoli. Roast beef, roasted potato. Chocolate donuts
 Thursday Corn salad Cream of chicken soup Lentil with vegetable, potato wedges. Barbeque chicken, white rice. Fresh fruit.