Relaunching KG1

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Starting August 2022
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for all year groups.

SY 2022-23

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We are thinkers... 

We think carefully and show initiative.

We make good decisions and
we are problem solvers.

We are balanced... 

We look after our minds and bodies

We try to stay healthy and happy.

We are caring... 

We encourage others..

We include everyone in all activities
and discussions and
create a positive and
supportive environment.

We are
open minded... 

We appreciate our culture

and the views, values and
traditions of others.

We are risk takers... 

We challenge ourselves.

We are confident to try out new things.

We are Guinness World Record holders !

Longest human representation of pi digits.

Head boy & Head girl

Sultan Yaarub Mubarak Al Hadhrami

Riwaa Abdullah Zahran Al Balushi

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