KG Curriculum

What will your child learn?

Learning in KG at The Sultan’s School is based on the United Kingdom Early Years’ Foundation Stage (EYFS) and the Omani National education programme.

The guidance states that through well-planned play, both indoors and outdoors, children can:

  • Explore, develop and represent learning experiences that help them make sense of the world
  • Practise and build up ideas, concepts and skills
  • Learn how to control impulses and understand the need for rules
  • Be alone, be alongside others, or cooperate as they talk or rehearse their feelings
  • Take risks and make mistakes
  • Think creatively and imaginatively
  • Communicate with others as they investigate or solve problems
  • Express fears or relive anxious experiences in controlled and safe situations

The KG curriculum is organised into six areas of learning:

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication, language and literacy
  • Mathematical development
  • Knowledge and Understanding of the World
  • Physical development
  • Creative development

What can I do to prepare my child for starting school?

Toilet training We require that KG students can use the bathroom unaided.  In the first few weeks there will be someone to help the children in the bathroom and demonstrate good personal hygiene.  However, we do expect increasing independence as the term progresses.  We suggest that you provide a spare set of clothes to be kept at school, should your child have an accident.

Bed time – Your child will find starting school exhausting.  It will be impossible for him or her to reach their full potential if they are very tired.  We suggest that as soon as possible, you get them into good sleeping habits, including going to bed at a reasonable time (no later than 8pm at this age.)

Social interaction – It is essential that your child can get used to being with other children before starting school.

Independence in eating The school will provide a healthy, nutritious snack every day.  Typical snacks include cheese sandwiches, vegetable sticks and cheese cubes, a piece of fruit, Arabic bread and hummus or egg sandwiches.  Plain bread or savoury biscuits are always offered as an alternative.  We also provide fruit juice. Bottled room temperature water is available for students throughout the day.  If your child has a food allergy please inform the teacher on the first day the child attends.

Preparing for Learning – Our curriculum here is a demanding one and it is vital that children begin to

explore and expand their understanding of Arabic, English and mathematics from an early age.

Reading and telling stories to your children is an excellent way to reinforce their appreciation of

language and understanding of vocabulary.  Talking about numbers and playing with number patterns

helps immensely with early maths skills.  Fostering a love of learning in your child is the greatest gift

you can give them.


If you have any questions about the work and routines of KG,

please contact Ms Mai, the KG Co-ordinator: