Mask – Art Project

As darkness dwells in this time

An army of great nurses wait in line

to fight a virus none can endure

the amazing scientists will find a cure

All of this is very true

so all I want to say is thank you

Thank you to nurses, doctors, carers and more

who have led us through an open door

This door will lead us to a community

full of freedom, happiness, and immunity


During these difficult times, there have been many poems published expressing people’s emotions as they try to cope with this pandemic. Based on the inspirational words contained in these poems, many of our students have attempted to convert them into art projects.

There is little doubt that wearing a mask is the new ‘norm’ and so the students decided to use memes and cartoons to brighten up their masks in an attempt to make others smile. This has proved to be extremely successful, and we have used many of their designs and turned them into ‘thank you’ cards. These have been delivered to a number of COVID clinics and hospitals throughout Muscat as a way of The Sultan’s School showing our appreciation of these front-line workers. Each card contains a special message of thanks written by the students.

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