TSS Smart Box

Students enter The International School Awards for the second year running. Their environmental initiative this year is the TSS Smartbox.

The senior students learn in their classrooms about matters of environmental sustainability, food and water security, soil degradation and desertification. Our inspired Eco-club members were able to blend this with their knowledge of technology to come up with the idea of the Smartbox, through the application of their creativity and problem-solving skills. With the introduction of Design Technology into the school curriculum in 2021, students are now able to put their ideas into practice by manufacturing their Smartboxes, adding sensor circuits with the potential to record data, including the soil moisture and air temperature. This information can be sent to a portable device and has the potential to be a valuable asset to the rural communities of Oman.

The scholars have volunteered to be Ambassadors for the TSS Smartbox in their home villages and are willing to trial the prototype in a real-life situation, ready to report back to the school and their supporters. In this manner, the TSS Eco-team are making positive progress in recruiting the wider community across the whole country in helping them to achieve their dream – to keep Oman green.

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