World Junior Entrepreneurship Forum

On the 2nd and 3rd of October 2017, 9 TSS students participated in the World Junior Entrepreneurship Forum at Sultan Qaboos University. This is a prestigious event held annually and previous events have been held in Malaysia, France and Singapore, to name just a few. The event is a gathering of entrepreneurship personalities, industry experts, government officials and academics who are all invited to share their experiences with the attending youth.

The forum was created to promote and accelerate junior entrepreneurship globally and we were extremely fortunate to receive sponsorship for our attendance from Mr Ramez Sharabati to whom we extend our thanks. The forum provided our students with the opportunity to hear stories of entrepreneurial success and promoted the idea of entrepreneurship, which will play a significant role in economic growth and productivity in Oman in the coming years.

It was fantastic to see the students who attended have the chance to present on stage, and they did a fantastic job – especially considering that they were the youngest delegates attending the conference. They embodied the learner profile traits of being risk-takers, effective communicators and appeared knowledgeable about their ideas.
Congratulations to the following students who all did themselves and TSS proud:


Sara Al-Mamari
Sarah Al-Jarjary
Mohammed Al Nabri
Marwan Al Lamki
Ala Al Farsi
Maryam Al Zakwani
Khaoula Al Khamisi
Lamees Hussain Ali

Thank you to Mr Paul and Ms Cherry for accompanying the students and thank you, once again, to Mr Ramez for his support and sponsorship for these enthusiastic potential entrepreneurs to engage with such an excellent conference.


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