Year 13’s visit to Oman State Council

On Thursday, 11th November, 21 students from class of 2022 made a visit to Oman Council.

The visit was extremely successful and full of benefits for our students.

The group were offered a tour of both Oman Shura Council and Oman State Council; including the main Parliament hall and Library.

The visiting students have also enjoyed an inspirational talk by His Excellency Sheikh Khalid Al Mawali, Chairman of Oman’s Shura Council.

The benefits gained by our students throughout the visit include first-hand information about the following areas:

  • Oman’s political system and governance
  • Current economic challenges and price of oil
  • Future business investment opportunities for Oman
  • Training and employment
  • International relations
  • Aspiration for technological advances (electronic technology)
  • Examples of challenges that face young generations in Oman

    Group Photo with Sheikh Khalid

    Visit to the library at Oman State Council

    State Council Tour

    Oman State Council Library

    State Council Tour

    Meeting with Sheikh Khalid


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