Year 9 EOY Assessment

Preparation for Cambridge Checkpoint tests and End of Year Assessments

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Dear Parents of Year 9,

Cambridge Checkpoint Tests

Following last week’s letter regarding the upcoming Cambridge Checkpoint tests on the 17th – 20th April we would like to share some further information on these tests and the end of year assessments.

This is the first year we have entered students for the Cambridge Checkpoint tests. Our current year 9 curriculum maps well with the Cambridge curriculum for English and Mathematics and in the weeks leading up to the Checkpoint tests students will go through some past papers and preparation materials in class so that they should be well prepared to demonstrate their ability.

The data we will receive from Cambridge is very detailed and will provide invaluable information for teaching and learning going forward into IGCSE. Note that we receive the results of the Checkpoint tests on June 23rd so they will not be part of the final report grades for the year. Report grades for English and Mathematics will be based on performance in unit tests across the year.

A set of specimen papers for both English and Mathematics can be found on the link below. Note that students will not sit the Science Checkpoint this year as those tests are based on a different curriculum than we currently follow.

Date Paper
Sunday 17th April


Mathematics Paper 1 – Non calculator Paper

1 hour

Monday 18th April


Mathematics Paper 2 – Calculator Paper

1 hour

Tuesday 19th April


English Paper 1 – Non-fiction

1 hour 10 minutes

Scholars: English as a Second Language Paper 1. 50 minutes

Wednesday 20th April


English Paper 2 – Fiction

1 hour 10 minutes

Scholars: English as a Second Language Paper 2. 50 minutes

Students will follow their normal timetable from lesson 3 (10:05am) onwards.

End of Year Assessments

The end of year assessments will follow the following timetable:

  Start Subject Duration Location
Sunday 22nd May 08:25 Science Paper 1 – Chemistry and Biology 1 hour Science Classrooms
09:30 End of exam – students may leave school
Monday 23rd May 08:25 Science Paper 2 – Physics and Practical Skills 1 hour Auditorium
10:10 Social Studies 1 hour Auditorium
11:25 End of exams – students may leave school
Tuesday 24th May 08:25 Arabic 1 hour English Classrooms
10:10 Islamic 1 hour Islamic Classrooms
11:25 End of exams – students may leave school


Note that students can leave school early after their assessments. If you are unable to arrange transport at those times, please contact us and we will allow them to use the library for independent study.

For PE, ICT, Drama, Art and Music students will be assessed on a portfolio of work and/or performance.


Yours Sincerely,

Glyn Richards

Middle School Academic Coordinator