Additional Support

Some children can find the language aspects of the curriculum demanding and staff in the Primary Additional Support department identify and devise strategies to support them and help them achieve the levels of language proficiency we expect.  We assess all children’s progress carefully to monitor language development.  Some children may also encounter learning difficulties such as dyslexia or dyscalculia. These may require professional identification but if the difficulties are moderate we may be able to support these in school.

If we suspect your child is not making appropriate progress, we will discuss this with you first and then their name will then be put on the additional support register.  No child is involved with the Language Support department without his or her parents’ knowledge.  Support and advice will also be offered to you as parents so that you will be able to assist your child at home.

Some children who experience difficulties will receive additional support in class; others will be withdrawn for reinforcement lessons with a specialist member of staff, usually in a small group.   Targets for the children receiving language or learning support are set at the beginning of the year and are reviewed periodically, when children may be set new targets or taken off the language support register.  If a child experiences serious language or learning difficulties, their progress will be monitored very closely to ensure that they can cope with the School’s expectations.

If you have any questions about Additional Support, please contact Mr. Sean on